Specialists in kitchen and furniture hardware, we are recognized internationally
for our wide range of superior-quality products.

Our products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Durable and strong Versatile Easy to install Economical Door-to-door delivery


Local Sales Force

Our specialist advisors are skilled at helping companies achieve cost savings and ensuring the overall management of their orders.

  • Sampling
  • Monitoring of production and delivery in real time


Double Quality Control

Not only do we offer factory-based quality control, a second quality check is performed by our local team upon receipt of the goods.

  • Automated machining for moulding, profiling and assembly
  • Tests and certifications conform to North American standards


Competitive Programs

Our exclusive programs are designed to help companies be more competitive by offering them supply flexibility, adapted to their unique business reality.

  • Fixed-price program
  • On-time delivery program